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  • A unique educational campus commenced with the new dimension containing well known and expert faculties having more than 10 to 15 years of experience.
  • Faculties for JEE / NEET, possessing wide experience
  • Psycho-based education to set the students free from negativities like, ‘Don’t understand’, ‘Can’t attempt’, ‘forget what was prepared’, ‘Can’t attempt during the exam’ etc.
  • Stress free education system where students prepare every day’s work on the same day, thereby they learn self-preparation also.
  • Special arrangement in each subject for assignment, practice and revision.
  • Marvelous planning for weekly tests, Chapter Tests, Unit Tests and sequence Tests after completion of the course.
  • Incredible but true planning for crash course for JEE/NEET, soon after completion of the Board’s exam.
  • Coaching of JEE/NEET along with the Board’s coaching, is effective and result oriented.
  • Through almanac, consistent contact with the parents is maintained and the school authority get information about students’ preparation at home. Also the parents are made aware about their wards’ indiscipline, obtained marks in various tests etc.
  • Through website of Parth School, the parents can know about the progress of their wards. Also, computerized progress report is given at the end of each month to the student.